Marhaban Ya Ramadhan. Aceh as an area that is thick with nuances of Islamic Sharia continues to improve and beautify itself. As a host through the spirit of halal tourism in welcoming tourists to enjoy the charm of Aceh tourism, especially the charm of the Ramadan month with the tourist tagline "Wonderful Ramadan in Aceh".

In 2019, the Aceh Government through the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office (Disbudpar) will greet the public and tourists at the beginning of the Ramadhan Month 1440 H, through its religious tourism event "Ramadan Festival 2019", which will present a variety of interesting and Islamic activities.

Guaranteed, the 2019 Ramadan Festival will be an interesting event and bring new experiences for Muslim tourists while in Aceh.

The 2019 Ramadhan Festival is not only to introduce Aceh as a halal tourist destination as the "Veranda of Mecca" which is loaded with its Islamic culture. But it also invites domestic and foreign Muslim tourists to carry out fasting in Aceh with solemnity and blessings, as a new sensation and experience. So that tourists can enjoy the charm and uniqueness of Ramadan tourism in Aceh and strengthen the positioning of Aceh as a leading national and international Halal Tourism Destination.

The 2019 Ramadan Festival will be held for two weeks, from May 7-21, 2019, starting at 16:30 until 20:00 WIB. Then, resumed at 21:30 until completion, centered on the Taman Budaya area, Banda Aceh.

The variety of activities in this festival are interesting and Islamic in nature, such as Bazaar and Culinary, Snacks of Breaking Fasting, Islamic Performing Arts and Contest, Islamic Cultural Exhibition, Islamic Film Screening, Iftar, Tausyiah and other interesting supporting activities, such as Islamic art competition, adzan , coloring, nasyid, to dalail, will be presented on three stages in the Aceh Cultural Park area.

During the event, free takjil will be distributed to the public, tarawih prayer in congregation, breaking the fast together, donations for orphans, to national artist clothing auctions. Later, proceeds from the auction will be donated to orphans and the underprivileged.

The 2019 Ramadan Festival increasingly feels unique and interesting because the Aceh Cultural Park will be decorated with the theme of Islamic Aceh culture, to provide a new experience for visitors to the 2019 Ramadan Festival. Especially tourists from Malaysia who make Aceh a holiday destination during Ramadan later.

Come on, we feel the solemnity of Ramadan with the uniqueness and cultural appeal in the Veranda of Mecca, Aceh.