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The 2019 Aceh International Diving Festival and Championship will be held again in Sabang. This sport tourism attraction will take place for 2 consecutive days, 6-7 October 2019 in the Gapang beach tourism area, Sabang.

The purpose of the festival was to help the Aceh Government in developing the Sabang City marine tourism. Promoting the potential of underwater tourism and realizing Sabang as a national flagship marine tourism. In 2017, Indonesia was awarded an award from British Dive Magazine in the World Travel Market London event as the Best Dive Destination.

Therefore, the Government of Aceh seeks to make Sabang a diving spot or a leading dive destination in Aceh in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

As one of the tourism events that made it into the 2019 Wonderful Indonesia Calendar of Events, the 2019 Aceh International Diving Festival and Championship is expected to be a successful and effective media to introduce Sabang as Indonesia's flagship marine tourism destination.

The 2019 Aceh International Diving Festival and Championship will be held through a combination of cultural and natural tourist attractions, especially diving. Specifically for culture there will be performances of traditional dances and other interesting entertainment and lunch together with the "Kuah Blangong" menu, one of Aceh's distinctive dishes.

On the first day, there will be a 6,000 meter finswimming competition for men and women. The committee also competes bouyancy for all ages. Each race will be given a cash prize and a medal plaque. In addition, on the second day, the committee also held an Open Intro Dive for the general public and Beach Clean up.

Furthermore, in the context of enlivening the 2019 Aceh International Diving Festival and Championship, an Underwater Photographic Contest will also be held. Participants were asked to send their best underwater photo works to the committee. The committee will select several photos in accordance with predetermined categories.

The committee will select several winning candidates to be invited to Sabang in order to take the best underwater shots under the Sabang sea. Participants and the best photos will get prizes and trophies, prizes will be given to the first to third winners.

In addition, these two activities will also be participated in by 24 Provincial Administrators of the All Indonesian Diving Sports Association (POSSI) Aceh and general participants, both local, national and foreign.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the Aceh International Diving Festival and Championship will strengthen Indonesia's marine destinations.

"Indonesia's marine wealth is being challenged from Aceh to Papua. And it takes a lot of events to continue to introduce it. One of them is through the Aceh International Diving Festival and Championship. This event will show if the beautiful nature of Indonesia from the mountains to the sea, "he explained.